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Hi! I’m Angie Spong from Whangamata, New Zealand. Here is a little about my sewing vocation.
Sewing and, later on, machine embroidery have been my lifelong passions!
I started sewing when I was very young and won my first Sewing Competition at 16.
After high school I completed a Dressmaking and Pattern Drafting Diploma andby age 18 was teaching others to sew at the NZ College of Fashion Design.
My first job was as a Sewing Machine Demonstrator and teaching sewing machine techniques using the machine’s many accessories.
I spent 13 years with Knitwit, teaching sewing and techniques on everything knit.
My introduction to embroidery digitizing was in 1995 on a Windows 3.1 computer with Pfaff PC-Designer1, digitizing Maxi stitches for the Pfaff 7550.
By 1997 I was teaching PC-Designer2 software classes.
Then only a year later, I had my first magazine feature! My Rebecca Quilt featured in an Australian Machine Embroidery magazine and my website was launched!  This was very popular, and I mailed 100s of floppy discs of my designs to customers worldwide. That was more than 20 years ago… Oct 1998!
Since then the Australian Machine Embroidery magazine has featured many more of my projects with my original designs.
I have worked for many years as a Freelance Educator in New Zealand, travelling our beautiful country to teach lessons on Embroidery Software, TOL machines, and machine-embroidered quilts.
Except for software Dealer Training sessions, I have written my own class notes, drawn up my own patterns, and incorporated embroidery designs into each class.

I have worked with and taught the following software embroidery systems;
1995 – Pfaff® PC-Designer 1
1997 – Pfaff® PC-Designer 2
1999 – Pfaff® PC-Designer 2.2 upgrade
2002 – VIP™ Creative Suite
2004 – 3D™ Creative Suite
2006 – taught 3D™ Amelia Quilt at Pfaff Convention, San Francisco, USA
2006 – 4D™ Suite
2010 – 5D™ Suite
2013 – 6D™ Premier
2015 – Premier+™ Ultra
2017 – Premier+™2 Ultra
2018 – taught Premier+™2 classes at Pfaff/Husqvarna Convention, New Orleans, USA