AS9mm Stitches
AS9mm Stitches AS9mm Stitches AS9mm Stitches AS9mm Stitches AS9mm Stitches

AS9mm Stitches

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PLEASE NOTE: These stitch formats are for
 PFAFF ® ONLY - 9mm / SPX


40 Stitches

Formats: Pfaff - 9mm & SPX only

These continuous stitches will compliment any project. Use to add a border or outline & sew several rows for more definition. Lots of scrolls, lattice, chain and triple stitches are incorporated into these patterns, as well as the normal straight and satin stitching. The collection has a great variety of stitches to choose from, with a large range of style and size.

For the PFAFF creative vision / creative sensation machine, transfer the SPX stitch files to your USB embroidery stick.

Use 4D or 5D File Assistant to send the .9mm files to a Pfaff 2100 series machine.

At the machine - select the 9mm stitch, thread for 9mm decorative stitching and sew! Full instructions for sending stitches to the machine and also how to create sewing sequences, are included. 

Answers to FAQ's
1. 9MM and SPX are PFAFF formats ONLY and CANNOT be converted to any other format.

2. The SPX format is for the PFAFF creative vision™, creative sensation™, creative sensation pro™, creative icon™, creative 1.5, 3.0 & 4.5™, performance 5.2™, expression 720™ and the performance icon™ machines. All these machines can use SPX stitches from a USB stick.
SPX format can only be 'opened' in Pfaff 4D Embroidery Stitch Artist.
 Copy SPX stitch file (or folder) from PC to PFAFF USB Embroidery Stick. Plug the USB Embroidery Stick into the machines USB port. Touch Selection Menu and then Files and Folders. Touch USB icon External Device. Touch and hold USB stick icon to Open. Touch and hold SPX stitch file and sew.

3. The 9mm format is for the Pfaff 2100 series machines and can only be opened in 4D Stitch Artist, or imported into Fabric Decorator. The 9mm file/s are transferred to the machine via File Assistant (version 6.1 or later). Use the [9mm/Max] button on the right hand side of the screen to send file/s to the machines ST-ART folder.
 At the machine: Main Menu, touch Personal Menu, Stitch Creator Stitches and then touch the stitch icon.

4. The 9mm stitch files can be used in embroidery software – PFAFF® 5D™ or 6D™ Creative Suite, Premier+™ Ultra and Premier+™2 Ultra embroidery software as MyMotifs.

Please contact me if you would like the PDF how-to instructions.